Congratulations to Florence Fuller Child Development Center new Buddy Ambassadors! Thank you to Vertical Bridge Charitable Network and Beverly Hills Wellness and Med Spa. The official sponsors of Buddy Ambassadors at Florence Fuller. Making a difference in children’s lives in our community. Thank you for helping us spread the buddy mission.

“I had heard great things about the Buddy Ambassadors Program before, but last year was the first time seeing it in action.

When Loverly Sheridan, founder and CEO of Buddy Ambassadors approached us to bring the program to the children at the Fuller Center, we were so excited that despite COVID-19, she was willing to come deliver the curriculum in person.

The Buddy Ambassadors Program has been of great benefit to the children enrolled in our Afterschool program, ages 5-10.

From day one, the lessons have managed to capture the children’s attention and minds, but most importantly their hearts! Our first groups just completed the Be a Buddy, not a Bully program, and we are happy to see the children interacting in more positive ways and reminding one another of the key lessons they have learned this school year.

The program’s design is engaging and highly interactive while also being fun. Through each session, the children learned important lessons on how to be a friend to others, how to use their kind words and how to stand up for others.

These lessons can touch children’s hearts as they learn to navigate life and relationships in spite of difficulties. We would love for this wonderful program to continue so that we can reach all of the children we serve at the Fuller Center. Thank you!!”

Olga Bearhope, Volunteer & Mentor Manager
Florence Fuller Child Development Center