Babonneau Primary School has a Buddy Bench and new Buddy Ambassadors!
Thank you to West Tech Shipping for sponsoring the BA program to the school, and for their continuous support of the Buddy mission!
Thank you to the Ministry of Education for continuing on with the campaign post covid, and helping us in creating a buddy culture in schools.
Thank you to the extraordinary Principal, Ms. Tessa Bartlett, and teachers of the school for an amazing presentation and welcome, and for dedicating today as kindness day at their school.
We were blown away by the mural and safe space created and designed by the teachers. WOW! These kids are in great hands.
Thank you to Mr. Cirus Cepal of the Ministry of Education for the powerful message on bullying, and Ms. Lennel Malzaire, Director of Innovation at the MOE for attending.
And a big thank you you to our special invited guests for attending.
Today was a great reminder on the power of the collective and community.