Buddy Ambassadors and IRIE Kids INC, a Non-Charitable organization, is calling all Buddy Ambassadors to join our “ Peanut Butter Pantry,” food drive, to help feed families in need, affected by Covid-19 in Saint Lucia.

The Peanut Butter Pantry Initiative, was started by Irie Kids INC, to provide food hampers for families in need in Saint Lucia. However, we would like to see the initiative spread throughout the country. “The concept of kids helping kids, aligns with our mission of promoting kindness, empathy, and compassion,” said Ms. Sheridan, Founder of Buddy Ambassadors.

Our Buddy Ambassadors, with the assistance of their parents, will create their own food fundraiser, and will be responsible for collecting food items from a specific list to donate to others.

Children can be as creative as they like with their fundraiser, including utilizing their, or their parents social media platforms to spread the word, their progress, and to get others to participate.

Parents and children need to commit to the project until completion. Children who participate will receive a BA leadership certificate, button, and community hours if needed. For more information, or to join the campaign, send us an email. Thank you.