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Promoting kindness, empathy, compassion, and inclusivity in children, to create a Buddy Culture in Schools.

Buddy Ambassadors

Buddy Ambassadors promotes kindness, empathy, compassion, generosity, and inclusion in the formative years of school aged kids through student-led projects. It is aimed at encouraging children to spread kindness, embrace inclusiveness, and to treat others the way they would like to be treated.

The BA Program is student-led and focused on the formative years, because we believe that the values that are inculcated in children during their formative years are what they will most likely embrace and act on as they grow.

We also believe that having children empower each other, and be directly responsible for their behavior will affect greater change. With this early intervention program, children will grow up to be more responsible, compassionate, and empathetic individuals that will be and do much good to our communities and world.

Since the Inception of the Buddy Ambassadors Program in 2018, we have introduced the program in over seventy schools in the U.S and the Caribbean.

BA Founder, Loverly Sheridan, received the 2019 prestigious Educator of the Year Award in Innovation, for the BA Program.

Buddy Bench Campaign

The Buddy Bench Campaign is a BA initiative, which is used as a tangible tool to create safe spaces in schools.

The unique, specially designed, customized benches are used by students to show kindness to students who are being excluded, treated unfairly, or are simply in need of a friend.

Buddy Ambassadors Club

The BA club is an exclusive club for selected Buddy Ambassadors. BA members are selected by their teachers, based on their character traits, to help create a buddy culture at their schools, through various kindness projects and initiatives.

Club members meet once a month, for one hour, on a specified date, to discuss kindness themes, and their experiences as Buddy Ambassadors.

They also strategize ways to better promote the culture of kindness through various projects and initiatives throughout their school. The club is led and directed by an appointed teacher. Members wear their BA t-shirts and buttons on meeting dates.

BA Club Guiding Principles

Lead with kindness

Respect diversity

Prioritize gratitude

Be inclusive

Be compassionate

Be empathetic

Club 7 Virtues



Qualities of a Buddy Ambassador

Kind/ polite

Positive/ Motivated
Brave/ Courageous
Leads by example
Communicates well

Buddy Ambassadors in the News

“Back to School Buddy Campaign”

Congratulations to all of our new Buddy Ambassadors! We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to school next month, with our “Back to School Buddy Campaign.” Have a great summer, and remember to be a buddy!

Orchard View Elementary Gets Buddy Bench

Congratulations to Orchard View Elementary on receiving their Buddy Bench, and joining the Buddy Ambassadors program. Our first school in Delray Beach! Thank you to the Principal, staff, and students for their gracious welcome. And thank you to our sponsor Vertical Bridge Charitable Network.

Pleasant City Elementary joins the BA Program

Congratulations to Pleasant City Elementary new Buddy Ambassadors! What an amazing group of buddies. It was a pleasure and honor presenting at your school today.

Jeff Industries Inc Spotlight

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Buddy Ambassadors is honored to be featured with Jeff Industries. Inc, a local Non-Profit whose mission is , “to improve people’s lives by pioneering services that sustain effective mental health.

Vide Bouteille Primary Supports the Peanut Butter Pantry

Thank you to the parents and students of VBPS for being great ambassadors. Students received Buddy Ambassadors certificates for their great act of kindness.

McNab Elementary joins Buddy Ambassadors Program and receives its first Buddy Bench

Congratulations to McNab Elementary on being the first school in Broward County to be part of the Buddy Ambassadors Program, and receive their first Buddy Bench! Thank you to North Fort Lauderdale SUBARU for sponsoring the program and bench to the school!

Loverly Sheridan


Loverly Sheridan is a Mother, Author, Educator, Children’s advocate, and Founder of Buddy Ambassadors, which develops campaigns to raise awareness on bullying, and other mental and social issues affecting children and adults. Through her books, workshops and campaigns, she champions for the rights of children worldwide, and provide both adults and children the tips and tools that they need to live their best lives. Ms. Sheridan has written six children books, including her award winning children’s book, “Be a Buddy Not a Bully,” and an autobiography “A Girl Like Me,” about her amazing world travels, which allowed her to explore six of the seven continents and over sixty countries!

In 2019, she was the proud recipient of the prestigious Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine, ‘Educator of the Year Award’, for her Buddy Ambassadors Program, and in 2015 she was awarded the International Athena Young Professional Leadership Award. The Athena Award honors women who have excelled in their professional endeavors, shown a commitment to the community, and have fostered a culture or shown leadership that has resulted in promoting women in leadership roles.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Women Studies from Florida Atlantic University and a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. Ms. Sheridan is a Mental Health Advocate, and is a former Board Member of Mental Health America, where she served for four years. She’s also a Committee Member of Children’s Home Society of Florida, which advocates for the protection and rights of children.

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